SHREDDERS...ROLL OUT! June 16 2014

We have a list. Not a long list, but a list nonetheless, of folks that we want to work with in some capacity. 

Most of the list are pipe dreams. Chances to take to try to make something out of our little company. At least we can say we tried, right? 

Well, two months ago we were asked to put something together for some friends of ours that were working on a commercial for a BIG RED. Turns out, the Texas red soda company was preparing a campaign for the new Transformers movie. What? Really? 

It seemed so far fetched that we had to say "ok" just to see what would happen. I mean, pipe dreams, right? 

Let's just say that we were able to cross out #3 on our list. Thanks guys. Thank you, Big Red. And thanks to the stress doctor after being told that we were just "waiting on an approval from Michael Bay".