We know the need for a sweater during the summer months is low, so we will be offering FREE SHIPPING for the "36 Chambers" sweater to the next 50 customers. You will also receive a 20% off coupon to use on select sweaters. Coupon will be good until November 2014, so that will come in handy! 




VIVA HATE April 29 2014

We received the samples of our VIVA HATE cardigan. Super excited how it turned out. Stay tuned!

And we're back... April 22 2014

Our apologies to anyone that had problems accessing the store yesterday. Everything is ironed out and we're ready to keep shredding. Expect more frequent blog post in the coming months. Thanks for the support.

Welcome Back March 26 2014

We are please to announce the official (re) release of our "36 CHAMBERS" sweater. Available for pre-order now. Orders will be shipping out in April. 

Shredders are in! November 19 2013

We are very excited to announce that we now have our full stock of sweaters in and are shipping as orders came in. So that means you will have them with plenty of time for Christmas. Keep in mind international orders can take up to 2 weeks to receive. We are very low in inventory already and re ordered our more popular designs. They should be back in stock by mid December. We will post pre orders up as soon as we get a better ETA. These will be very close to Christmas and can not guarantee delivery because of the high volume of shipping during the season.

GRAB YOUR SHREDDER! August 14 2013

After drawing to the conclusion last year that there were just not enough sweater manufactures that really catered to us or our friends, we decided to take action. And, after pulling from some of our favorite references, came up with our very own SHREDDER collection. What began as a celebration of Santa Claus day quickly led us down the road of knits. We began thinking that perhaps Halloween needed something special (watch out 2014!), or maybe just an ordinary day in March could be made better if only you had the right wardrobe! Anyway. this is just the beginning of something for us here at SHREDDERS, and we hope you will join us down the warm road.
So, with that, we say, "GRAB YOUR SHREDDER!"