Better T-shirt Designs

T-shirt designs are a great way for people to express their creativity to people. They can wear their own designs to places, and others can see and appreciate them. Usually, illustrators, graphic designers, and typographers are fond of creating t-shirt designs as a hobby. They can also sell their designs online to people who want them printed on their t-shirts. As a beginner, you must know the complete process of t-shirt designing. Moreover, here are some expert tips for t-shirt designing that will help you print your own t-shirts.

Take your time

Develop a concept in your head that you want to print on t-shirts. Sketch out a design and let it rest for some time. Use different perspectives to create variations of the design to explore the possibilities. It is not necessary to do it for every design you make. If you create a masterpiece in your first attempt, it is okay, but always be open to ideas.

T-shirt Designs

Imagine the design

Look at the design you have created and picture it printed on a t-shirt. While it may look good on the sheet, it may not be the best for t-shirts. Check out some of the online platforms that allow you to paste your design on a model. You can also print the design out on paper and paste it on a t-shirt just to see how it looks at actual size.

Work of details

While you may create a great design, but if you miss out on tiny details, it can affect the print on t-shirts. You do not have to overcomplicate things every time you create a design. Sometimes, a simple artwork can also look good. Make sure that your design delivers your message when it gets printed on the t-shirt.

Work of details

Business with designs

If you want to do your own business with self-designed t-shirts, you need to consider a lot of factors related to the t-shirt business. need to identify your audience first and make designs according to their age and taste. If you are printing t-shirts at home, you need high-quality printing machines and t-shirts or print. You can also take suggestions from your audience and create designs according to your need.

Pick the right colors

If you pick bright colors to go with a white shirt, it will not be the best color combination that you can think of. Use the t-shirt color to plan your design colors. Some of the colors available in Adobe Illustrator Global Colors can offer you new ideas to play with your palette.

right colors

Source a good printer

When you do not have a printing machine of your own, you need to find a printer that can really bring out your designs on the t-shirts. They should have a printer that can print the colors you pick for your design. Otherwise, the design will be a waste of time and money for you.

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