6 Tips For Creating & Printing Better Custom T-shirt Designs

6 Tips For Creating & Printing Better Custom T-shirt Designs

Custom T-shirt designing is a very popular outlet for creative people all over the world. Whether you are an illustrator, typographer and graphic designer, the idea of putting designs you made on a custom made T-shirt can be immensely appealing. However, the process can be pretty daunting. Here are 6 tips you can take away for creating your T-shirt designs and printing your own custom T-shirts.

Take Time To Explore The T-Shirt Concept

Sketch the design you want on the T-shirt, go for a walk outside, make a few alterations, take another break and do a full-on brainstorming session. After all that is done, sleep on the idea. Keep doing this over and over again until you are completely satisfied with the work you produced.

Imagine The Custom Design On A T-shirt

There is a significant difference between seeing the design on-screen and having it printed on a piece. Don’t be afraid to mock the custom T-shirt design upon a photo of a model. If necessary, print a copy of the design and place it on an actual t-shirt. Make sure the artwork is at the actual size.

Detail Is King But Try To Keep It Simple

Everybody appreciates amazing drawing ability and some attention to detail. There is nothing better than seeing a well-executed work of art on a t-shirt, which you can admire for hours.

However, equally so, some of the most classic custom T-shirt designs are minimalistic and get the message in their pure, simple form. If the art seems to be somewhat in the middle, you may struggle to create a successful design.

Consider The Market

The market is one of the most important things that need to be taken into consideration while making a custom t-shirt design. The type of design depends on whether it is for men or women, young or old people, etc. At the end of the day, the designed product should be something that people would choose to wear. Just like any good brand designer, write down the exact kind of people you want to attract to the T-shirt design, for example, who they are, what other brands they like, what they like, and go from there.

Choose The Right Colours

Try using complementary colours in the design of your custom t-shirt. Use the T-shirt colour effectively and design the art according to that. If you are using Adobe Illustrator, turn on Global Colours. It can be an absolute lifesaver and can potentially save you a lot of time.


Make the Material Good

A custom T-shirt design can only get you so far if the printed design lasts long. Pay attention to the type of t-shirt printing technique used and choose the option that will make the custom t-shirt last long. The material of the t-shirt also matters. Polyester printing may peel off easily, but printing on cotton can be the more viable option since it can last longer.